Kolanie Marks
CEO + Founder
Kolanie Marks is not only a highly sought-out choreographer and mentor in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington, but he is also the founder and creator of KreativMndz Dance Academy and KreativMndz Dance Complex. With his work both in LA and Seattle, Kolanie has become one of the most highly known and well-respected choreographers in the industry. With persistence and tenacity, Kolanie has mastered his unique cultivating style of movement to such a dominating level that his work is visibly noticed internationally. Kolanie’s passion and commitment to making a positive difference in his community and this generation of entertainment has led him to mentor and train some of the top industry dancers to date. Kolanie’s strong faith-based mentality has helped him to inspire others to know that with on-going hard work, ethics, and perseverance, everyone has it in them to show the world their God-given “KreativMndz” talent.