Eileen Torres
President + Co-Founder
In 2015, after an 11 year-career in corporate America, Eileen took a leap of faith to pursue her lifelong dream of running a small business in the entertainment and dance industry. She joined forces with Kolanie Marks, one of the most well-respected choreographers, to establish KreativMndz and Company.

Her management experiences at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union gave her the skills and courage to build KreativMndz into a leading professional dance training studio. As Co-founder of KreativMndz, she provides strategic leadership to the company and works closely with the Executive Team to establish their business goals and operational policies. She also designs and implements programs to develop all staff and members. Her skill sets are not limited to managing KreativMndz. She is also a dedicated educator who teaches, trains and mentors youth and adult dancers.

In addition, she is the creator of Kreativ Dance Fit (KDFit). KDFit is a dance fitness class that helps build stamina, strength and dance techniques. The class involves low to high-impact movements that are thoughtfully choreographed to music, creating a one-of-a-kind experience where “style meets fit”.

She is an unapologetic wife, mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with a mission to fuse the worlds of business, dance and fitness. Outside of work, she is actively involved in her community, and volunteers her time to help individuals from all walks of life to achieve the best versions of themselves through dance and fitness. She hopes to continue to be a valuable asset in the dance and fitness industry, and be a positive influence to the individuals and communities she touches.