Antoine Troupe
Chief Marketing Officer + Co-Founder
Antoine Troupe is an industry choreographer and international teacher from the Bay Area. He is a prolific self-taught dancer who began training in High School. As a teen, Antoine closely observed techniques exclusively from watching classic music videos and movies. At sixteen years of age, when visiting Los Angeles for the first time, he was able to improve exponentially. The talent he witnessed while in the industry capital enhanced his technique and amplified his style. Armed with a personal attachment to learning and a passion for teaching others, Antoine Troupe has been at the forefront of guiding dancers in their own journey for success. His empowering choreography has been utilized in almost all formats of today’s dance world enhancing the next generation through knowledge. His unique style has reached worldwide by virtue of his music videos, summits, videos, commercials with large brands like Nissan, Kit Kat, and Linkedin, and major artists such as Prince, Chris Brown, Zayn, and Kehlani. Antoine Troupe is the co-founder of world-renowned KreativMndz Dance Academy and one of the leading pioneers in building a brand as a dancer.