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We are a non-contract based studio and may cancel at any time with a minimum of two (2) weeks notification, otherwise, regular membership fee(s) will still occur. You may also freeze your membership for $25/month to maintain your current membership rate. No refunds or credits on monthly fees for students who miss class for any reason and there will be no provision for making up missed classes. No refund or credit will apply to cancelled classes due to national holidays, inclement weather, world health disease epidemic, special KreativMndz training events, KreativMndz shows and studio closures. Classes cancelled due to a performance or for additional rehearsals in which the student’s class is in, is considered a class.

Once Membership cancellation has been processed, KreativMndz will no longer honor previous/grandfathered membership rates or approved special billing cases. New Registration Fees and current Membership rates will apply with any reinstated memberships.

If less than two (2) weeks notice is given, please understand, insufficient notice leads to no guarantee of recurring payment being canceled by the requested date. The regular fee will apply for the current month with no exceptions.

Note: If payment is declined on an agreed recurring scheduled date, $10 declined fee will automatically apply and added onto your account. If payment is not received by the 3rd day, a $25 late fee will apply (total of $35 additional fees) along with your monthly membership fee(s) to your MindBody account. When your MindBody account balance reflects more than the cost of your monthly membership, you may not be able to attend training sessions or have access to our member drop-in rate until your MindBody account balance is resolved. Member will be liable for all unpaid fees and outstanding balance.

***In-studio class prebooking: Less than 2-hour cancellation and/or no show policy will be enforced ($20 fee and no exceptions)***

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