• Kreativ Dance Fit
  • Kreativ Dance Fit

A dance cardio combo class for all levels

Low to high impact movements, mixed with musicality, where style meets fit!


Kreativ Dance Fit

Where Style Meets Fit

KDFit is an experience you definitely want to add to your weekly workout schedule!

Original Choreography

All of our choreography is original created by our KDFit core team of choreographers and instructors

Build You Up

We are here to help reach, maintain, push and challenge you every step of the way

Safe Place

It’s a safe place to build confidence, meet new people, build a better version of you, and so much more!

Membership Packages

One-time non-refundable registration fee: $35
Gold Unlimited
per month
Unlimited classes
Silver Limited
per month
2 classes per week or 8 per month
Basic Limited
per month
1 class per week or 4 per month
10 Class Pass
Good for 60 days after the date of first visit
Drop-in: $15 per class
Expires 7 days after sale
Check out our moves!


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KDFit Kreativ Dance Fit
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