• Dance Complex

  • Dance Complex

  • Dance Complex

Now open with limited capacity

In-studio and/or Online Options

Basic 1 class per week or 4 classes per month

Sterling 2 classes per week or 8 classes per month

Bronze 3 classes per week or 12 classes per month

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Careful Balance

Our job is to help dancers grow. It’s a careful balance between giving them exactly what they need while giving them more than they can handle.

Steady Challenge

We push our dancers in everything we do, which is why we are known as a company, all over the world for what we do.

Unlock Your Potential

Our job is to help dancers fully unlock their potential, by guiding them beyond just the steps.
Our job is to help dancers grow

How It Works


Our studio is non-contract for a reason, we don’t try to “keep” anyone


As an industry-based studio, we provide opportunities for our dancers in a variety of ways

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates with the amount of dedication, commitment and experience our faculty bring to dancers
We recognize that the dance industry is layered, and being successful starts with you


The Complex

This is the Complex