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MasterClass Recap |Brian Friedman

If anyone knows me, they know I turn up for anything and everything Brian Friedman related. So when Kolanie informed us about the Brian Friedman Masterclass at KreativMndz Dance Complex, it’s safe to say i was nothing short of turnt up to the absolute max.

The weekend started at World of Dance Seattle where he was judging. I was working the iACE booth in the back building of the event minding my own business when I felt an overwhelming presence fill the room. It was as if energy was slowly being drained from all the electronics in the room. I looked up from my phone that just alerted me I had 10% battery power left and for the first time in my life, I witnessed the man himself wearing a fashionable poncho, panama hat and the absolute best boots you will ever see in your life walk right past me looking for the entrance to the VIP room.

The following day was the Masterclass at KreativMndz Dance Complex and it was intense, challenging and life changing. It was exactly what we needed and were expecting. He started us of with a ‘simple warm up’ that had everyone sweating and exhausted. He followed with teaching the first class that pushed our bodies and minds to the limit. And after the first hour of full-out choreo and groups, he kicked out of the studio to change into all black for his ‘Mock Audition.’ Having the privilege to learn from him in that intimate setting was ridiculous. Brian has directed countless auditions from tv shows, to stage shows, to music artists. So the knowledge he has for anyone trying to break into the industry is literal gold.

In the second hour, he called us back into the room to start the process of auditioning. His assistant, Trinity, was working as ‘the Artist’ which we were auditing for. He taught a few 8 counts and then ran through groups either moving people on, or cutting them. He even gave people feedback as to why they were cut so they knew what they needed to work on to be more successful in an audition. After the first round of cuts, he talked to us about branding ourselves in auditions and finding ways to lock in our worth in the eyes of the choreographer and creative director. The first hand knowledge he shared with us was priceless because in a real audition, when you’re cut, you must leave without any explanation or review. So the fact that he took time to give us feedback, made the process all the more worth it.

After teaching the second half of the audition combo, he broke us up into groups again and auditioned the remaining dancers. Cuts were made and explanations were given, either ‘The other blonde girl didn’t mess up in the group, but you did.’ ‘Your freestyle was stronger than your choreo. Bring the confidence you have in improv to the choreo and it will sell more.’ or ‘Both of my boys are around 5’11” and our artist is 5’3”; you’re too tall.’ All of this insight was good for those who attended. Definitely shined light on how the industry works, and sometimes it might come down to what you look like in that moment if your dance ability matches the remaining auditionees.

Overall, the workshop was amazing and we all were challenged and pushed to the extent of our capabilities and it was an experience I will never forget and not pass up ever again. The one thing I appreciated about his audition was his honesty and genuineness. He said he believes in the audition process. If he worked with Jessica on his last project and she came to this audition and messed up, he would cut her and book the new girl, Alex, who didn’t mess up. He does not pick people based on their resume or past. All that matters is what you present in the audition there in that moment. If you mess up, you’re cut. If you nail it, you might get booked. So find a bookend and make them fall in love with you.

-Shumon Wood

I had an amazing opportunity to dance for Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards commercial with Russell Wilson himself. Also, I can’t forget the honor of working with the talented choreographer, David Moore, on the scene of the shoot. This had been my second time working on a shoot for Nickelodeon and also have been able to partake in major opportunities such as working with Ciara for We Day 2016. I can thank the intense dance training I’ve received from Kolanie Marks. I’ve been actively training with him four years now and believe that his training helped me gain a lot of the jobs I’ve put on my resume. I dance just about everyday of my life and love every second of it. I train hard for about 15 hours a week of intense dance training over at KreativMndz Dance Complex and it has help shape myself to become a professional dancer and always continues to teach me new things.

– Josh Chavez, age 15

I’m Katelyn Lagmay, I’m 12 years old and my life revolves around dance. I started competitive dancing at MVP Dance Elite for 3 years now and started dancing, in general, 4 years ago. I do it 13 hours a week. I do Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Acro. My favorite is Hip Hop because, you know, it’s cool. Of course I love all the other genres but if I had to choose one, it would be Hip Hop. I’ve had a lot of great experiences with Hip Hop. I started training in Seattle with Kolanie Marks and Antoine Troupe at “KreativMindz Dance Complex”, which is pretty hard core, and yes it is really fun. I’ve learned a lot through it and both Kolanie and Antoine inspire me to work hard. Thanks to them, I’m a better dancer, but still training to be the best I can be, because it’s not the choreography you do, it’s the dedication you put into it. I also met a lot a friends through KMelite Portland and KMelite Seattle and now look up to a lot of dancers cause they are crazy good. I hope to still take classes down there in the future.

I auditioned for the “Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards” 2016 commercial hosted by Russell Wilson and was so blessed to make it! We basically learned a dance and got wardrobe and everything. The set was unbelievably cool, and Russell was even busting a couple moves. Russell is a down to earth guy and really sweet. Oh, and best part is we got SLIMED! It was one shot so we couldn’t mess up. Slime got everywhere which was actually really fun because I have never gotten slimed before and it wouldn’t be fun without my brother, Brandon.
As I said, I’m a competitive dancer and it’s not all about the competition. It’s about having fun which I do a lot of. Ever since I’ve been dancing I’ve been busy, busy, busy, but it’s the first step of the dance world🔥 good luck and don’t give up …

-Katelyn Lagmay, age 12

My name is Brandon Lagmay, I’m 16 years old. I live and breath dance. Dance is everything to me. I started competing through dance 3 years ago at MVP Dance Elite, but started dancing, in general, 4 years ago. I dance 9 hours a week at the studio. I do hip hop and also recently started acro to further my skill set as a competitive hip hop dancer. My 12 year old sister, Katelyn dances at the studio as well, she is just as serious about dance as I am.

My sister and I auditioned to train with KreativMndz under Kolanie Marks and Antoine Troupe in the beginning of the year. My sister made it but I didn’t. She started going to the training sessions and 3 months into the training I asked to join and was accepted. I haven’t regretted joining KMelite Portland and have taken a lot of skills and information out it.

My most recent job was being a back up dancer for Russell Wilson on a commercial for Nickelodeon promoting the Kids Choice Sports Awards. This was a very surreal experience and can’t wait to do more things like this. I was given such an awesome opportunity to dance with such amazing and diverse group of dancers, including my sister and stars from the Nickelodeon show the Thundermans and of course Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson. This experience has added even more reasons why I want to make my hobby a career.
-Brandon Lagmay, age 16

We Day Seattle: April 20, 2016

 Receiving an exciting phone call that pop star Ciara would be gracing her presence and “1, 2 Stepping” at KreativMndz Dance Complex? It surely was a moment that everyone at KreativMndz Dance Complex embraced, as it brought forth what they truly believe KreativMndz would stand for! Being a world class highly anticipated dance studio where they not only train the best topnotch elite dancers, but where world known Hollywood celebrities can feel safe, secure and enjoy their experience of creating magic in their exclusive private studio space, ensuring to bring the best performances on the big stage. KMDC recently were blessed to have special guests Ciara, an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model; her professional team and her fiancé, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, visit KMDC as dance rehearsals took place in preparation for Ciara’s WeDay April 20, 2016 performance.This would be the fourth consecutive year that KreativMndz dancers would be invited to open for such an amazing event, but to also close the event with Ciara.

WeDay is a special day where YOUTH is celebrated. Where children of our future pack in Seattle’s Key Arena to receive crucial advice on becoming a better “YOU” and the importance of working together to make a difference in our world. WeDay is a day that opens our childrens’ hearts and young minds to not only learn the importance of giving back to our community, but to receive and gain the faith to INSPIRE and keep the movement going for generations to come.

KreativMndz very own (PG FAM) dancers opened the show dancing to Justin Bieber’s, “Children.” Hearing the roaring and cheering of over 15,000 school kids dancing in their seats along with our dancers was an amazing sight to see. As the day progressed and more celebrity appearances graced the WeDay stage, the final closing act by Ciara was anticipated by all. Watching the children scream with joy, running and swarming the front stage to secure their spots definitely hyped the atmosphere even more. Finally, Ciara along with 20 KreativMndz dancers, gave a rocking performance. They looked professional. They looked fearless and gave it their very best and all. Their moves and dance formations were artistically executed in the most precise way. They successfully helped make the arena come to life even more to end the show! KreativMndz dancers’ goal was to make Ciara and her professional team proud. To amaze friends and family and show them just how special and talented they are. Each dancer were proud and humbled by a such an incredible experience. To be chosen as the best dancers in the Pacific Northwest to represent WeDay 2016. This is why KreativMndz Dance Complex is the only industry based studio where elite dancers train hard day after day, season after season and years to come. KreativMndz believes in using talent to give back to the community, stand proud and are humbled by this experience. Once again, thank you Ciara and WeDay for helping and giving KreativMndz dancers the opportunity to live out their dreams!


Photos courtesy of Michelle Chavez Photography


A Look Into Spring Dance Day: April 16, 2016

KreativMndz Dance Complex is not only known for their elite dance training programs, but also known for their successful kids’ programs as well. This past Saturday, kids and their parents filled the studio, eager to participate in KMDC’s newest event for kids: Spring Dance Day.

Lead by Chloe Puff, Andrew Faulkner, and Shumon Wood, kids danced their way into the season, learning basic hip hop grooves and choreography. The room was filled with the energy of nearly 40 new young students! Chloe lead warm up and introduced some “brain-teaser” hand-eye coordination, followed by Andrew with choreography that exercised clean movement, and Shumon ending strong with performance choreography. The kids picked up quickly, and were very excited to be learning from KreativMndz choreographers.

While the kids were busy learning, parents were out in the lobby checking out the KreativMndz Apparel line. The unique part about KMDC apparel, is that not only do customers leave looking and feeling stylish, but 10% of their purchase benefits Treehouse for Kids: a charity for foster children.  KreativMndz is in a lasting partnership with Treehouse, and were happy to say it was quite a hit over the Spring Dance Day weekend.

After the workshop was finished, spectators were allowed into the room to see the final product. After the kids performed for their parents and friends, special guests Rhythm Rockerz crew and Bratz showcased an exclusive piece for everyone who attended. Rhythm Rockerz, lead by Andrew Faulkner and Chloe Puff, are a young pre-professional performance team, and their piece was certainly a crowd-pleaser that day.  Bratz, the advanced kids crew, recently performed next to Justin Bieber on stage at his concert at the Key Arena, and their piece truly left everyone inspired.

In all, the first KreativMndz Spring Dance Day was a big hit, and it certainly won’t be the last!


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