Andrew Faulkner

Choreographer, Mentor.

  • Co-Founder of KreativMndz, continuing to work closely with Kolanie Marks after 10+ years.
  • Began dancing at age 18 for a school project, 6 months later he was offered his first teaching position and hasn’t stopped since then.
  • Andrew has danced and choreographed for shows such as WeDay, America’s Got Talent and World of Dance.
  • Outside of teaching, Andrew makes the most of his time with his family and wife, while also overseeing KreativMndz Magazine and managing the dance app, I-Ace.
  • “I want to make you learn faster, so you can accomplish more in an hour. It’s my passion in life, training, and helping others grow in their careers.”

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Instagram: @ae_faulkner (

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