Who is KreativMndz?

Misson Statement: To inspire and improve the dance community through our innovative products, events and training facilities.

KreativMndz Dance Academy, Los Angeles CA: The Academy is a special training facility dedicated and committed to solely focusing on developing and growing dancers by surrounding them around Mentors who are 100% committed and invested in accomplishing every dancers’ goals! Together, their ongoing goal and mission is to create a higher caliber of dancers that will gain attention from those before them.

KreativMndz Dance Complex, Mukilteo, WA: The Complex is a studio that specializes in hip-hop training and is industry based, meaning we focus on developing dancers who are interested in intense level environment. The studio also offers some technical classes and recreational classes for kids and adults of all ages. This studio accommodates common space for all our guests to ensure every class taught and dance practiced on site will be a safe and enjoyable high class experience.

KreativMndz.com will provide a central spot for current information and promotion of KreativMndz artists and affiliates. Whether you are established or just starting out, KreativMndz.com will have relevant information for today and the future.

KreativMndz Magazine is a pillar of our company as well as an educational resource to celebrate the people who have successfully paved their way through the dance industry. The art of dance is booming and young hopefuls from all around the world want to learn how to make dancing their career. We will provide all the tools for them to succeed: from diets, to workouts that cater to their lifestyle. The KreativMndz magazine is focused on dance culture, the artists, choreographer, video editor and everything in-between. The “meat” of each issue is an intimate interview and photo-shoot with a respected choreographer. Our magazine gives them the opportunity to tell their story and share with the dance community their journey to the top without sparing any gory details. KreativMndz Magazine’s purpose is to inspire, and our goal is to support the artist and community. We hope to excite, but primarily educate the next generation of dancers.